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Sideroid Zenith

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“The inhabitants
Revere and preserve the things
That fall from the sky”
Alistair Gentry
An object of desire coming from the stars. Sideroid Zenith has a double soul: an artistic artifact and a container of precious items. Based on the scan of a real meteorite found in “Sikhote-Alin” impact site and then printed in 3d, the volume of the meteorite (Siderite iron) is segmented and encapsulated in a block of resin. Like a fossil, silent witness to another dimension.
Sideroid Zenith is produced in 33 LIMITED EDITION PIECES.
Technical info
Cabinet made of three transparent yellow resin blocks: one for the container part, two as doors. 3d printed ABS meteorite parts immersed in the resin blocks with flocked black inner surfaces. Base and metalware in brass with matt gold or black chrome finishing. 
35cm x 23cm x 145cm
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