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Sideroid Azimuth

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“The inhabitants
Revere and preserve the things
That fall from the sky”
Alistair Gentry
An object of desire coming from the stars. Sideroid Azimuth has a double soul: an artistic artifact and a container of precious items. Based on the scan of a real meteorite found in “Sikhote-Alin” impact site and then printed in 3d, the volume of the meteorite (Siderite iron) is segmented and encapsulated in a block of resin. Like a fossil, silent witness to another dimension.
Technical info
Coffer made of two transparent yellow resin blocks. 3d printed ABS half-meteorite immersed in the resin blocks with flocked black inner surfaces. Metalware in matt gold finishing.
28cm x 18cm x 11cm
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