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In this paradise
You bloom once, nocturnally
When no-one can see
Alistair Gentry
Hariona translates the soul of the plant into a physical presence. With its spiky yet delicate edges, the object evokes the nature of the prickly pear, an exotic cactus that gives thorny but colourful and juicy fruits. The vase is entirely made of wood fibres and coloured with natural pigments: the result is a purple shaded with unpredictable nuances, capable of materialising the magic hidden in the cosmic soul of JCP Universe.
Technical info
Vase with thermoformed rounded structure made of wood fibres manually extracted from the dried prickly pear plant. Coloured with natural purple pigment.
*Being elements selected from natural environment, dimensions could be different on each piece.
Large Ø 36cm HARIONA - O
Small Ø 30cm HARIONA - V
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