An immaterial planet between nature and technology:
discover the atypical showroom of JCP Universe,
representing its visual, narrative and semantic imaginary.


The beginning of our expansion in the virtual world

From the creative vision of Argentinian digital artist Eliseo H. Zubiri and under the multi-talented supervision of CTRLZAK Studio, a new world is born.

Get ready for an immersive, interactive experience, and start to explore our Universe via web or through VR visor. You will discover superterrestrial landscapes and unknown life forms, and see our iconic pieces come to life thanks to new technologies.

The world is divided into three different areas. The first is volcanic, representing the foundation of the planet – force of nature in its purest essence. Then there is an arid desert, where organic forms take the shape of interior design objects. Inspired by patterns we find in nature – such as the structures of bones, mushrooms or coral – these shapes remind of ruins too, as signs of a civilization disappeared over time. The third space contains the only vegetation found on this world, a few trees and species of fungi that managed to withstand the harsh cold and dry climate. Through the special energy transmitted by this place, a small ecosystem is born, becoming a perfect mean to connect with the energetic properties of each tree and rock.


By Thanos Zakopoulos

It’s on everybody lips: metaverse; a term that is becoming more and more popular but its’ precise meaning eludes even field experts. Supposedly a single shared virtual space, the current version of the metaverse is shaping up as a multiverse: a multitude of metaverses with limited interoperability. As companies compete for position in the market anything from a video game to a Virtual Reality (VR) concert application counts as a ‘metaverse’. Some take it even further, calling the collection of various metaverses a ‘multiverse of metaverses’ or maybe it would be more accurate to say that we are living in a ‘hybridverse’. But let’s take a few steps back and see how we arrived to all this.

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By Anna Longo

What is the relation between a physical object and its virtual version? Can it be said that they are equivalent since they both contain the information for them to be recognizable and interacted with meaningfully? Or, do we have to consider that a virtual object is less real than a physical one in the same way that a representation cannot perfectly replace its referent? To answer these questions, I am going to take into account both sides: the arguments supporting a realist account of VR and those leading to a fictionalist perspective, finally I will propose a further option inspired by Antonin Artaud. Accordingly, we will see how a virtual exhibition of design objects might be considered as the creation of a new design object.

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Fifteen of the most representative pieces from the JCP Universe have come to life as NFTs, showing their deepest nature. Free from the constraints of matter, they have been animated to reveal unforeseen meanings. There are 99 of each, for a total of 1485 NFTs, all to be discovered.

Developed on Polygon blockchain, they were available for free on the occasion of Meta-Physical exhibition at Fuorisalone 2023. If you didn’t have the chance to get one of them, don’t worry: you can still see and buy the collection on Opensea. Owning one of our NFTS will give you access to our upcoming events and future developments, such as landing on other Metaverses... Blazing news are coming soon!


Check out the collection on Opensea:

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JCP Universe and ONIRO Group's first NFT collection: 99x15 one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture.


We take charge of every gas fee and choose Polygon blockchain for a more inclusive experience.


We are the first company to sell furniture for metaverses: this NFT will be your access token when we get to other platforms.


Anyone who downloaded an NFT during the Milano Design Week 2023 received also a 20% discount code usable on our e-commerce.


We will soon launch a new project with artist Eliseo H. Zubiri: stay tuned.


Devised by ONIRO Lab, the creative hub of JCP Universe's founding company, this project is wider than it seems: further expansion and transformations are coming.


ONIRO Lab, the creative laboratory of ONIRO Group, of which JCP Universe is a part, created a long-term project that will bring the company into new territories in the realm of technology. A starting point that opens the way in several directions, allowing the Group to become one of the first to commence discourse with what is considered the market of the future.

True to its intention of creating and sharing culture, ONIRO Lab aims to make the metaverse accessible to all: the first collection of NFTs from JCP Universe can be obtained for free and easily, thanks to a walletless checkout. The project will soon involve the other brands of the Group, creating new knowledge, emotions and stories.



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