The exhibition Parallel Lifeforms offers a journey/immersion in a continuously expanding universe in which it’s possible to encounter works that could correspond to sentient forms, or at least forms endowed with a “thought” (therefore able to embody a vital idea, if not immortal); not another form of life, but a true life that has decided to exist in a eu-tòpos, a happy place, rather than in an ou-tòpos

Focused on the consanguinity between art and design, the exhibition establishes a dialectic/dual plan that allows the works to recognise each other. In this way, the art works of Gabriele Di Matteo, Paolo Grassino, Silvia Mariotti, Monica Mazzone, Stefan Milosavljievic, Gioacchino Pontrelli, Andrea Salvatori, Peter Senoner and Ludwig Wilding will dialogue with the JCP Universe collection, which includes designers Samer Alameen, Livio Ballabio, Sam Baron, Matteo Cibic, CTRLZAK, Debonademeo, Gumdesign, Richard Hutten, Studio Lievito, POL and Nanda Vigo.