JCP Universe @ Capsule Venice

JCP Universe is glad to announce its collaboration with Capsule Shanghai.

The art gallery has opened a second location in Venice and inaugurates it with the exhibition When We Become Us². The exhibition is literally a call to action: it incorporates a relational dynamism, and discloses a meticulous design, activating a wide range of interfaces in an effort to visualise what happens when a “we” coheres and becomes self-aware. An encompassing notion of “we” allows for the full embrace and unfolding of individualities, while simultaneously remaining aware of our potential as part of a whole; the “us” we all contribute to creating.

The artifacts from the JCP Universe welcome visitors and enrich the exhibition, creating a dialogue with the artworks.

Visit us at Capsule Venice
Sestiere Dorsoduro 2525, 30123 Venice, Italy 
Tuesday to Saturday, 11am - 6pm
Sunday, Monday and national holidays closed