Worlds Unseen

Unique foulards that can be worn or displayed on your house wall: they were created for 'Worlds Unseen', a suggestive exhibition curated by CTRLZAK on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week 2018, in partnership with Galleria Bianconi.
The event aimed to bring the creativity of contemporary art in the world of fashion, showcasing the work of 12 artists from diverse backgrounds through a common canvas made of silk.

Artificers: Davide Tranchina, Thanos Zakopoulos, Kensuke Koike, Lidia Meneghini, Livio Ballabio, Poka Yio, Athanasios Aléxo, Nikos Sideris, Claudia Origgi, Alistair Gentry, Federico Pepe, Leonardo Sonnoli