Music & art videos

Sounds from the JCP Universe

An unusual music album containing unique tracks from another reality.  This otherworldly compilation is a playlist of sounds inspired by the JCP Universe: from its inception to its current moment of expansion. An ethereal sound experience which is the perfect soundtrack to accompany the Traveller, the mysterious narrator of this universe, through his journey of discovery between JCP’s artifacts, science and fantasy.

SOUNDS FROM THE JCP UNIVERSE is an original music wrtitten and produced by Andrea Giomi.

Under The Prism \\ Salone del Mobile 2019

Once more JCP challenged normality with its eclectic approach: the brand returned to Rho Fiera with 'Under The Prism', an immersive exhibition that altered the visitor’s perception. The classic notion of reality changed under JCP’s prismatic forest, by presenting uncommon objects that become vehicles of imagination.

Video by Silvio Macchi

New meanings from the JCP Universe

In JCP Universe every item goes beyond mere appearances, hiding new and unexpected meanings. This year a metaphysical play was staged.

This video is meant to give a deep, mesmerizing look into JCP’s cosmos, revealing the secrets of its latest artifacts through unusual connections.

Video by Athanasios Aléxo

Artifacts Performances from the JCP Universe

In the JCP Universe each creation has a life of its own. No just objects, they are real actors in their own performances.

Transform Normality

Inhaling the future, exhaling the past; spoiling the ticking of time by creating the impossible. Stories that make you reflect on their true meaning giving life to creations of worlds unseen.